I started the blog as I was finishing college and ready to venture out into the big wide world. At the time my introduction was “I love food. I love eating food. And I LOVE cooking food. Even better I love cooking food for other people. Crazy right?”

I still adore food, or more particularly, the experience of food. We have to eat to survive, but food should never be a drudgery, it should always be a positive experience. I still strongly dislike cooked green beans, mostly because I didn’t like it when I was younger and I was forced to sit at the table until I ate them. Food is difficult, and cooking for kids (or picky people you love) is even more difficult.

Since starting this blog I have graduated college, survived an internship, gotten married with three step kids, gone from being a residential parent to having those kids live 11 hours away. I’ve had a total of 7 jobs (not including homemaking) from outdoor education to childcare to even dog training. Life is stressful, and crazy, but we still eat. I’ve included recipes that have been tested and eaten by myself, my picky husband, and pickier kids, but I’ve also included some of my own art and creative endeavors, and some tips.

It’s currently the beginning of 2015 (how did that happen- I remember Y2K), and this last year has been chock full of changes to my life. Running a home with 3 kids, to just having me and my hubby 80% of the time is a huge transition–let alone the additional changes with trying to relocate and struggling with house payments. I’m hoping to continue updating, but I recognize that things may periodically go on a hiatus while I work through the next giant challenge life sends.

This blog is to share my wealth of experience (not all positive), record my experiments, the recipes I’ve enjoyed and the changes I made to them. Eating good food doesn’t have to expensive or difficult. It may take a little extra time occasionally, but it is well worth it. You eat better–even when you indulge, and you actually begin to like eating. Best bet though is to not spend too much time calculating how much time your spent cooking that meal that was devoured with complaints in less than 10 minutes.

My experience with cooking come from cooking. I experiment, I mess up, I cry over pie, and I try again. I still remember making and totally failing to make lemon chicken. I used almost half the chicken the recipe called for, twice the lemon juice AND let it marinade over night. Who knew chicken could be so . . . well . . .sour? Being generous, it was barely edible.  But that’s okay. Don’t be afraid to try some new things and if necessary relocate the food to file thirteen, the hungry trash can if the experiment didn’t work out. If you force yourself to munch on the charcoal, or overly and poorly seasoned food or the cake that fell… you’ll associate cooking with bad eating. And trust me: your body tries not to take food poisoning lightly.

Hold yourself to a high standard. I will only eat food is that mostly or at least somewhat good, not be afraid of waste when I completely screw up, and forever keep trying new recipes or variations of old ones. But do that with all of life. Try that sewing project, smash a whole in your wall, paint something new. Find some work- not a job, but work. something you can put yourself into. Something that when the world sees it, they see you. Right now for me, it’s food.

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