Winter Projects

I haven’t posted in a while, but I figured it was about time to post some of my many winter projects and a link to the patterns/instructions. I have been very busy… but just too lazy to post. They are not in any particular order, its just how the browser decided to bring up the images.

The first is a tree skirt. It was one of my first legit sewing projects that I’d done in a while (well, after the stockings that is). You can find the pattern on


This little rhino was with some scrap fabric I had lying around. His pattern was in a fun book Bean Bag Buddies. I didn’t use beans, just stuffed him with normal stuffing.


These two marine creatures came from two different sources. I made them as Christmas gifts for my niece and nephew. The octopus was based on the Oopsie the Octopus pattern from Moda The bug eyes, I made from the fish pattern I used from Tallys Treasury. I used felt in both of these, I had alot of scraps from the stockings!

The monster corner bookmarks I also got from Tally’s Treasury. I also made them with kids I work with and they had a blast going crazy with creativity. These are what’s left after I gave a bunch away.


This I got the idea off a random picture I saw. We all use our thumbprints or fingerprints to make the flowers. This was made for the kids’ grandma, and my mum.


My sister wanted a pincushion. I didn’t use a candlestick base like the pattern called for because the stores were closed by the time I got working on this. The pattern is found on It was a little bigger than I had planned, but alas.


I had a bunch of yarn left over from last Christmas and so made two Infinity Scarves. I really liked this pattern because of how easy it was to make. I found it through This pattern is called The Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf by


This is the first dress I have ever tried making. It is McCall’s pattern M6534. It looks so much more awesome on me than on the hanger, but… I didn’t shower today, yet anyway, so the dress is on hanger, not my unshowered self.2013-01-28_13-06-04_429

This guy was all free style. no pattern. Hence his lopsided self. He is called Hawsker from Castle Crashers (a video game). He’s an animal orb who helps your character by attacking fallen enemies and collecting fruit (health). He’s my hubbie’s fav, so I made the plushie for him.

2013-01-28_13-08-47_898 2013-01-28_13-08-58_906

These banana birds were a fun hand sewn project also from Tally’s Treasury. It comprised almost the entirety of our Christmas Ornaments.

And yes, this is a terrible picture, but it’s a beautiful (on me), semi A-line skirt. It used a simplicity pattern, but I can’t find where I placed it. This is the first skirt I have ever made.


So there we are. Those are some of my many projects this winter. Who knows what else may come about. Thanks for reading, and have fun crafting!


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