Christmas Stockings

I’ve tried starting this post about six time now, and can’t find a good introduction.

I made stockings for my family. Why?

  1. This is my first Christmas with my hubby and his kids (well with him being my hubby and all)
  2. My childhood stocking was apparently made mostly from wool felt and went through the dryer. Awesome stocking is now 1/3 the size.
  3. I don’t like the matching stockings my hubby and kids have: plush or furry blue and white. They’re soft, but they hang limply and don’t look like awesome stockings.
  4. The stockings my hubby has doesn’t include one for me and were from his previous marriage.
  5. Why not?

After debating and considering my own sewing/crafty skills I realised some important things:

  1. As awesome or incredible as a hand knitted or even a quilted/patchwork or maybe a beautiful fabric embroidered stocking would be–I can’t. I make books, I don’t sew except emergencies, minor stuffed animal tears, and of course I stitch book bindings. And I crochet, not knit. Two needles is two too many, and one hook too short.
  2. A crocheted or paper stocking would be lame.
  3. I don’t like buying stockings because they’re too expensive or too lame.
  4. Felt is awesome, the fabric doesn’t come apart, its relatively cheap and hold it shape.
  5. Iron on adhesive is the bomb.

I decided to make felt stockings. First I went and bought a bunch of white felt. Why white? Because its the only felt Walmart had in large quantity and because it gives me a blank slate for my creativity. At first I bought enough to make half of nine stockings. Then I realised that means only 4 1/2 stockings. I was making 6-8. I’m sure the fabric lady was laughing at me.

Then I tried to print out a pattern for a 12X18 inch stocking. Well. . . my printer/scanner/copier hates me. So I ended up drawing one. It was awesome. I cut  it out and used it as a template to cut my stockings from the white felt.

I didn’t think to photograph the process until after I had finished sewing the stockings and turning them inside out. Using the sewing machine I set it to a zig zag stitch and stitched the two pieces of cut white felt together. I then decided to turn it inside out to make a more narrow looking stocking. Though the stitching did look nice on the outside. I could have decorated the stocking prior to stitching so that any design edges could be hemmed in, but I didn’t. Alas.

Between my own felt scraps from previous projects and extra felt sheets I bought I cut and pinned down some designs, though with the second one I was ready to get started immediate at attaching the pieces:

Now, how to attach? I used that permanent hold iron on adhesive. It’s EPIC! Be sure to make sure you get the permanent hold lest you accidentally get the light hold which is intended to be sewed on later. Unless you prefer to just sew it on. Then the light hold will be useful.

A bit of advice about the stocking. Attach the hangy do hicky loop thingy when you sew the pieces together. I was lazy. I didn’t. So I used adhesive instead. But we’ll find out on Christmas, after Santa comes, whether the adhesive can hold the weight of a filled stocking.

Here are  all of the completed stockings:

Mine: ( I used leftover black ribbon from Halloween)



Cat: ( A little blurry but the top circle has a paw print in it, the bottom circle a mouse, and the squares little fishies)








Santi: (the cute random shapes were scraps from other stockings)



Have fun with your holiday crafts!


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