It’s been a while, but today’s post is just a quick one about two past birthdays.

K1 and K2 had birthdays this summer and both requested a special cake to celebrate: a horse and a dog.

The horse was the first shaped cake I ever made. I used a homemade recipe for chocolate cake, and thought it would be neat to do a double layer cake. That was a BIG mistake. It is hard to cut and arrange a double layer cake.

I used two rounds and a 9X13 pan (which I cut in half to layer).



The dog cake was easier because I just did a single layer and I used box cake mix. I’m a bit of a cake snob but I realized that since I don’t eat chocolate cake, and K1 didn’t notice her cake tasting like extra special homemade goodness why bother with K2?

All I needed was two rounds. I used paper to cut and arrange to figure out how I wanted to do it.



So there we are. After a summer of silence just a simple cake post. I have pictures for churros and a homemade apple bread, and plan to post this year’s halloween costumes as well. Have fun!


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