Healthy Eating and more

Don’t fear, I haven’t abandoned this blog yet. Just sometimes I forget to remember to think about posting the different recipes I’ve been working on. That being said. I am working on a post for oatmeal cookies. Don’t fear I’ll get it up soon. In the meantime I figured I’d post some of my more recent commission artwork. Sort of commission. I was asked to make signs for work. So I made signs. Probably not what my boss expected. . . but SOOOO much fun!

Medium is ink and crayon.

A couple were recycling save energy type thing. The rest were “Healthy Eating” tips for kids. Signs to post around the dining hall encouraging them to be healthy.





This next set of five is going off the idea of how the natural and bright colors in food indicate nutrients. So rather than kids thinking that healthy food is drab in color, they should try to make their plate colorful: with naturally bright and colorful foods. IT was interesting maintaining the ink line drawing colored with crayon while trying to have a mostly realistic representation of different fruits and vegetables.






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