Chocolate-Peanut Butter Truffle Pie

Sounds good right? Well I made this, and sadly don’t have a picture because I just sent it off to potluck, and I doubt there will be anything left. So “this” is the Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffle Pie I found on Pillsbury’s website. I’ll be honest I haunt the Pillsbury and Betty Crocker website as much as I do facebook. There are always interesting recipe ideas and this one sounded phenomenal right? Well it was. Sorta.

I had a couple issues: I mad the pie crust from scratch and probably didn’t cook it long enough, the dark chocolate truffle part overwhelmed the delicious peanut butter part, and the peanut butter part probably wouldn’t stand on its own very well. *sigh*

If anyone wants to try it, I recommend using a graham cracker crust or a chocolate cookie crumb crust (the latter would probably be best). I would be tempted to either omit the chocolate truffle part or to swirl it into the peanut butter and use less chocolate. OR instead you can do a cream cheese whipped topping powdered sugar mixture for the bottom part and the peanut butter filling on top of that. OR mebbe just put small choco chips, or do chocolate shavings on top. OR either mix chocolate cookie crumbs into it, or sprinkle it on top.

So am I actually gonna post the recipe? Nope, but I recommend checking the link and making the changes I suggested.

The point of the post? You can try something that sounds good, realise it doesn’t fit your tastes and suggest changes to make it better.


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