Cherry Supreme Pie

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You know. I love pie. And this amazing, perfect, creamy delicious take you to heaven and back pie is what I used to think cheesecake was. Boy was I disappointed when I met cheesecake. Cheesecake was (usually) grainy and not that yummy and paled in comparison to the marvelous cherry supreme pie. I love the way the light texture and delicately sweet flavor smoothed over my tongue. And then oh how the cherry topping perfectly compliments along with the graham cracker crust.

When I was younger I would ask for this pie instead of cake. Yup, it’s that good. And the best part is: it’s simple. It takes maybe 20 minutes if you take your time, stop to feed the dog, blow dry your hair and chat with your friends while making it. Okay maybe I exaggerate, but trust me, simplicity is scrumptious. Of course you can make this recipe from varying degrees of “scratch”, but even I just go the simple route. No need to make it complex. And I apologize for not having a picture. I made it this weekend, and promptly ate it before thought of a camera occurred to me.

This recipe is basically as my mother gave it to me:


  • graham cracker crust: Use the 8inch. If you use the 10 inch there won’t be much filling (though feel free to try to adjust amounts to better suit)
  • 2 cups of cool whip: The smaller frozen cool whip container is sufficient (be sure to thaw it!). I think there used to be a dream whip or some  kind of mix that you could use, but I’ve never used it. I have also never made this with actual whipped cream- I don’t know if it would work. Feel free to experiment, though I haven’t found motivation to try to deviate from the original recipe.
  • 8 oz cream cheese: Please please please soften the cream cheese a bit. Ever time I didn’t soften I had so many issues. But maybe I’m just too anxious to eat pie that I’m unwilling to do what you need to if you use fresh from fridge cream cheese. I suppose you could use that low fat nonfat nonsense, or a nondairy cream cheese substitute, but why would you?
  • 2 tbsp milk
  • 2 tbsp powdered sugar
  • 1 can of cherry pie filling: I spoke with my friends with whom I ate the pie and discussed alternatives to cherry. I did strawberry once before and it was nasty. But an apple cinnamon pie filling, lemon pie filling, or peach might be tasty. For a completely other experience there might be a way to incorporate chocolate- how I don’t know, but feel free to try.


  1. Using a handmixer, whip softened cream cheese, powdered sugar and milk until well blended and kinda fluffy: it should be a frosting like consistency. Do not under blend! If you do you’ll have little chunk/ pieces of cream cheese that never mix right and the pie will be sad. We don’t like sad pies.
  2. Add cool whip and mix well.
  3. Pour/scrape/spread into the  graham cracker crust.
  4. Gently spread pie filling over the top.
  5. Refrigerate at least two hours before serving (or until chilled). While you are impatiently waiting, remember to lick the mixers and bowl clean. Sometimes I even cheat and save a bit of cream cheese filling to eat right then ^_^.

Wait. That’s it? Yup, well aside from the eat without guilt because this is one sin worth having :-D. It’s simple, wonderful, and you guests (or family) will ooh and ahh and rave over how wonderful it tastes, begging for the recipe.


3 responses to “Cherry Supreme Pie

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  3. Thank you for this recipe – my husband’s birthday is coming up and this is an old favorite and I was unable to find the recipe his mother gave me years ago – this will be a nice surprise for him 😋

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