Fried Rice?

Fried rice? Sort of. I have a lot of food that are vaguely inspired by other influences: such as… Italian or Asian… I say vaguely because I never actually reproduce it, or even try. Remember the motto is good food. Who cares if it’s actual Asian Fried rice.. it’s rice, you fry it with veggies and it tastes good! This is one of my typical run of the mill, nothing special fried rice recipes.

Now don’t hate me about these ingredients. I lack measurements because i don’t have any. The ones with a star are really , or practically essential to the recipe. For most of the on the spur “asian” dishes three ingredients really flavor them: ginger, onion, and garlic. Oh and soy sauce plays a part too. Forgive my odd list of ingredients, the main things is use whatever you have on hand.


  • ginger: For ginger you can use powdered ginger (what I normally do), or actually use some ginger root. (I recommend having powdered on hand to readjust the flavors as you go)
  • garlic: This can either be with powdered, granulated, dried minced (which is then reconstituted with water), or actually cloves of garlic minced fine (I recommend having powdered or granulated on hand to adjust the flavor as you go)
  • onion: I recommend having both chopped/sliced/minced onion (as you prefer) and onion powder. You can also use green onion instead of another onion , or use both.
  • rice: It is best to have the rice precooked and cold, but I often cook it as I’m chopping the vegetables.
  • vegetables: My normal selection of vegetables are bell pepper, carrots, celery, onion, and cabbage. You may use whatever you prefer, or have on hand. I usually have picky eater so I tend to chop them into smaller pieces, but you can do larger according to your own tastes
  • meat: more often then not the meat I choose is based on what I have left over. You can also used canned chicken (or other canned meat), dice and cook your own meat, or even use tofu or meat substitutes. Omitting this ingredient is also a possibility.
  • oil: I usually use canola, but whatever you use most frequently should be sufficient.
  • soy sauce: My favorite is the dark mushroom soy sauce, but alas since i left Utah I haven’t found it again. My pantry and stomach yearns for you.


  1. Heat 1-2 tbsp of oil in a frying pan. You will want one large enough for your vegetable and rice altogether.
  2. Add vegetables and saute until 3/4 done. Something important to consider is the order you add them. If you are using ginger root and garlic cloves you will want to saute them until clear-ish before adding any vegetables. Then add harder vegetables such as onions and celery, then carrots, then bell peppers, and add very last cabbage. This way you won’t have mushy cabbage, overly done bell  pepper and hard onions. Some vegetable cook longer, so keep that in mind: but how you prefer each vegetable to be in texture is up to you.
  3. Season with garlic, ginger and onion powder. Stir and cook a little longer.
  4. Add cooked meat and cook until heated through.
  5. Add a little more oil if needed then add rice and stir.
  6. Season and add soy sauce. Continue cooking and adding seasonings and/or soy sauce until rice is heated through and you have gained the flavor you prefer. Sometimes I add other seasonings to balance such as a bit of cumin, salt, pepper, season all, and occasionally chili pepper. once everything is hot and tastes great dig in!

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