Brief shout out

I would like to note a great blog I came across: Kate in the Kitchen

I found it when I googled searched “elusive warm, chunk filled brownie” as per a conversation with a friend. Her recipe was for a “low fat dark fudgy brownie.” At first I was in awe ,struck by her claim. Impossible, I thought, that brownie can be no good. I don’t believe in cutting corners with things like that… alfredo sauce, cake, pie, brownies all contain deliriously unhealthy aspects, and I go for it every time.

After my initial “this lady is insane” I was drawn in by her amusing rhetoric, delightful descriptions and surprising humor. I browsed her blog, and found other great gems, but couldn’t decide whether I should post a link to her blog here. But then, I made her brownies. I have never had such deliciously decadent and dark brownies. the first bite is shockingly intense and leaves you unconscious on the floor. As your senses recover from their chocolate induced euphoric state, the undertones and perfectly crafted fudgy brownie starts to sink in. You praise your creator and feel guilty as you bite into it again–because something this good and rich must be a sin. And then … the kicker: only 86 calories per brownies.

Yes my disbelievers, it is possible. She found the recipe to top all brownie recipes, that dares to masquerade itself (and rightfully so) as sinful, yet health (ish. . .er). the recipe alone isn’t what sealed this blogger’s fate as a food blogger I greatly admire and respect: it was her deliver. those word that draw you in before and after the recipe. The chuckles as you read her witticisms, the impossibly frank and humorous perspective of a food lover all make her blog one worth it’s own post for a recommendation.

Please, once again, check out Kate in the Kitchen . I wish her all the luck in the world.


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