Obligatory Introductions

*hums and looks around oddly*

Yes everyone, this is the “first post,” the one that curiously says nothing and yet sets the stage for the whole project. So introductions!

After much pressuring, random suggestions, procrastination and complete boredom, I’ve decided to FINALLY start a blog. The primary purpose: FOOD. Hopefully everyone has had the joyous experience of biting into some delectable substance and feeling that phenomenal satisfaction: Where the flavors flood your mouth and overwhelmed the senses; the delicate combinations nearly bringing tears to your eyes. Or at least you’ve had the contentment of a well prepared meal that satisfies both physically and aesthetically.

In case you hadn’t realised, I love food. I love it so much that I believe no one should approach eating with drudgery. Even the pickiest, allergy prone person can have a satisfying meal.

So this blog will be the record of my kitchen antics: tips, recipes, and disasters; as well funny anecdotes, philosophical ramblings, and other writings or art. Feel free to comment, even flames are vastly amusing: in order to cope with life I find most situations humorous.

Well then. . . Enjoy!


2 responses to “Obligatory Introductions

  1. Hi Mr. WordPress. I would like to tell you that your comment is almost as pointless and unhelpful as it can get.

    Beka, may your blog fare well. Most blogs fail because they don’t have a good theme or purpose. You’ve got one, so you can make it work!

    • Thanks Martin! First, for reminding me to delete that fake comment and second for your vote of support.

      When deciding, and you said I’d likely grow bored in 3 months, my thought was: 3 months. . . that’s better than I thought. I’ll do what I can to keep it up, if only to show both of us 4 months is possible ;).

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