A Marylander’s take on Pennsylvania Pot Pie

I went up to Gettysburg at the beginning of the summer and discovered at the Gettysburg Battlefield Visitor’s Center a delightful and hearty chicken stew. When I ordered it I thought it was going to be a traditional chicken pot pie- the kind with the yummy pastry crust- boy was I surprised when it wasn’t. Pennsylvania Dutch Pot Pie, or “Bot Boi”, is a chicken stew with thick egg pastry noodles. If you would like more history on it, or just a more traditional recipe here is a great link: http://www.chezpim.com/blogs/2008/08/pennsylvania-du.html
This recipe is my own take after searching online and then experimenting in the kitchen. The servings are variable really depending on how much you want. Also feel free to experiment with some of the ingredients- based on what you have on hand.
servings: variable
diced potatoes (as a rule of thumb one small- medium potato per person and an extra)
chicken broth (enough to cover the potatos and then some- for 6 servings use about 6 cups)[Note: You can also use chicken boullion to make broth, though aim for a more watery broth if you don’t want a salty stew)
1-2 cans of cooked chicken, or chopped cooked chicken breasts (feel free to use leftovers)
– the following minced or chopped vegetables (depending on how chuncky you like the vegetables):
– celery
– onion
– carrots
– peas
– bell pepper (whatever color  you prefer) (opt.)
[Note: the vegetables are the best place to to change or add based on what you have on hand. Try using corn, broccoli, zucchini, green onions etc]
1 can cream of chicken soup
egg noodles (for 6 servings I used about 2-3 handfuls)
1. In a stock pot (or smaller if you’re only doing a couple servings) put in diced potatoes, chicken broth, chicken and vegetables and bring to a boil over medium high heat. [When I made it I put the potatoes in first and chopped the vegetables then added them].
2. Reduce to medium heat and continue cooking for about 30 minutes or potatoes are cooked – you can easily poke with a fork. Be sure to stir occasionally.
3. Add cream of chicken soup and egg noodles. It is easily to mix the soup in first then add egg noodles.
4. Continue cooking for about 15 minutes until noodle are tender. Stir frequently. If you want a thicker stew mix thicken with corn starch or flour (Be sure to mis those with a bit of water before adding to the stew unless you want flour/corn starch chunks).
I recommend eating this with rolls, biscuits or cornbread. Refrigerate any left overs [My rule of thumb is if its been in the fridge over a week toss it]. This is one of those recipes that taste very good reheated. I’ve even taken leftovers and converted it into a real pot pie (Just make a double pie crust and add the leftovers as filling, bake and enjoy!).
Overall I really enjoyed the meal, went back for seconds and brought it to work the next day. Trust your judgement as you cook it, you may need to adjust the heat lower during step 4.

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